Amazing Burst Fade Inspiration For You

You have come across a burst fade for sure. A natural fade that goes a bit longer behind the ears and at the neck. That`s what it is. More and more people choose it for themselves as it makes any hairstyle look softer and neater. Do you love this idea? Then follow our recommendations on what other hairstyles to combine it with.

  1. Burst Fade Pompadour

We love combining a burst fade with a pompadour. You may wonder why and here`s the answer. A high volume that is created lies backward gradually going down. Doesn`t it look good? This idea is excellent for those who are keen on keeping the details neat and precise as such a combination will keep you looking sharp all the time.

  1. Burst Fade Mohawk

As you have already understood, curly or structured hair is fantastic for fading. We have an exciting idea that will attract you even more to trying it. Why don`t you keep a Mohawk? With a burst fade, it will be looking as gradually going longer hair. However, with fading, you will be able to get a neat appearance for sure.

  1. Burst Fade With Part

Part makes every men hairstyle pop, no one can doubt that fact. An interesting detail that will make any hairstyle special. A burst fade will visually bring so much more volume to the longer hair at the top. Some gentlemen prefer low or mid fade, however, if you prefer more of a softer look a burst fade is for you.

  1. Flat Top + Burst Fade

This hairstyle idea is a true classic and as you can say never goes out of style for people who are ready to be different. A burst fade combination with a flat top will make your hair look so unique. Perfect for men with structured or curly hair as it will be a great way to tame it. Don`t be afraid to experiment with such a sharp shape as soon it will become your specialty!

  1. Burst Fade Taper

Would you prefer leaving your hair look natural? Then this suggestion is for you. Short bust fade at the sides will give you the chance to show the volume your longer hair has while keeping your hairstyle look neat and accurate. Perfect for both curly and straight hair, isn`t it?

Post Author: Dalton Elvis